Wayk: a Product Introduction

Wayk is an innovative product of the type typically referred to as Nootropics. It will not only reduce tiredness, but it will help to improve overall mental function in those who choose to utilize it. Made into a tablet form, Wayk contains the necessary ingredients to provide not only an increase in mental function that will deplete when experiencing fatigue, but also a reduction in the feeling of being tired. These convenient tablets come in two tasty flavours, packaged as both as multiple doses as well as a conveniently sized individual dose.

With the increased presence of over-scheduling in an ordinary day, consumers' lives are becoming more and more chaotic. What was once known as a “normal” day has changed vastly, and thanks in part to technology, students are now taking their schoolwork home while adults are bringing their work home as well. The paradox that arises many times is that students and adults alike are just plain tired when they arrive home from their day. How is possible for these individuals to not only manage their lives wisely, but also maximise their time with ease? The answer is not to adjust the attention that they give to these responsibilities—these things are vital to the success of the individual. Rather, the fix is to both increase the amount of time that the individual is able to work on these obligations in a way that is simple and not detrimental to their well-being and to be able to work and function with a clear mind on the days that follow late nights.

This is where Wayk comes in. Many people turn to energy drinks and coffee to help them get them through their days. These products come with a price—consume too much and you will get the jitters, don't consume enough and you won't feel the effects. The additives in these products will also hit their user with a major crash when the effects have worn off. Wayk can be used safely with no worry for any harsh side effects. The active ingredient allows for a slow release of a natural caffeine into the body that will help to reduce fatigue and tiredness, while increasing brain function. This will not only get rid of the feeling of being tired, but will ensure that the brain is able to concentrate.


Who is Wayk designed for?

Wayk is designed for anyone that experiences the “not enough hours in the day” feeling, or those who simply feel tired all the time.

  • Students can use Wayk to combat a day full of class topped off with a long night of studying, while cross-continent jet-setters can turn to Wayk in the midst of important meetings, all-nighters, and jetlag.
  • Big rig drivers and shift workers know that the mental and physical demands that are put on their body will eventually catch up with them. It is vital for these workers to stay alert, and these individuals can count on Wayk to work for them.
  • Nothing can prepare expectant parents for the life they will live when their bundle of joy arrives—Wayk helps new parents to get through their day with natural energy that is released slowly to ensure that spikes or dives will never compromise their alertness to attending their new job as a parent.

Wayk is made into the form of a tablet, thoughtfully packaged so that users may take it with them wherever they go. Can the same be said for a cup of coffee or energy drink? This tablet is ideal for those that are living the lifestyle in which they would need more hours in their day—the larger package of tablets can be conveniently kept in any bag or purse, while the smaller size packet is small enough to fit inside of a pants pocket. Wayk comes in two tasty flavours for users to choose from—refreshing Mint and tangy Orange, and can be by your side any time that you are feeling fatigued or tired but need to remain awake and alert.

The main ingredient in this natural alertness tablet is Guarana, which is derived from a seed produced by a tree found in South America. This compound is slowly absorbed by the body as a natural source of caffeine. The result is a long lasting release of energy that will increase concentration and reduce fatigue with no crash effect. Normal cognitive brain function and support for the immune system are substantiated by the addition of 1.5 mg of Zinc, while Vitamin B complex will aid in releasing energy from food that is consumed, supporting the maintenance of energy levels throughout the entire day. The addition of 80 mg of Vitamin C will assist in protecting the immune system of the user. Each tablet contains a safe 75 mg of caffeine, just a bit less than a standard 8 oz. cup of coffee.

The problem that arises with the use of energy drinks, energy “shots”, and coffee to aid in helping individuals feel more awake, is the addition of ingredients that are not for the purpose of providing a relief from fatigue. Energy drinks usually come in large cans with more than one serving, and each serving comes with a high amount of additives—like refined sugars. Wayk tablets are dosed and packaged with absolute accuracy, ensuring that the user will be consuming ingredients that are vital to the mission of providing relief from fatigue and—increased mental function. The only difficult decision to be made about using Wayk will be determining which energizing flavour you will choose to try.

Wayk is more than just a product to extend your working time into the night. It is a product that has the ability to give a boost when you feel that you are not performing at your best due to tiredness. The unique blend of ingredients helps to clear the mind of the fog that takes over when fatigue rolls in, whether it is due to a night of little sleep that is affecting your day, or an evening in which you simply need more time to get important items crossed off of your to-do list. In short, use Wayk to combat feeling tired all the time.

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